Prime’s First Law of Data "The more easier an app or tool for user, the more easier data theft becomes"

Thanks to turn-key science are dying; superstition disguised as is returning and celebrities sponsoring and promoting such mis-tech ideas and brands are of Darwin’s grapevine - what hard work?

Business advised to educate employees on how and Apps compromise and other such attacks work

Balkanization & nationalization of the web is literally making its best parts less accessible to many, many common people around the world. Worse and more expensive in the name of our , 24/7 , malicious

Making @Wikipedia machine-readable means corporate controlled hype, censorship & funding editor bias!

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dramatizes something we see happening more and more frequently -- companies giving themselves and their software unjust control over users, often also leaving those users in unsafe situations in order to maximize profit

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Top 20 gold miners, idea is owning a precious row in a classic spreadsheet for community supremacy!

Anticipatory visions under-girding a smart city may simply be those marketing strategies of big companies, or a totalising promise by Silicon Colonizers that does not quite understand the of a city and of its original inhabitants..

True approach: Systems thinking rationally, Systems acting rationally
Hype approach: Systems mutating like viruses, Systems acting like humans

Big Picture of Cutting Edge Digital Technologies: A field of cow patties with bunch of journalists, populists & cronies competing to see who can throw farthest!

Instead of exploring technologies to build and develop safe cocoons cum disaster-proof arks, masks, space colonies, VIP bunkers and caves, we must passionately listen to heart beats of our lonely planet and learn to live with it, not outsmart it!

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