In every given circumstance of life and time… the analogy of I and you always holds good! No meaning of I, as a standalone reference to any living being. 🇮🇳 Celebrate of I, Liberate अमृत souls!

The other academic pees of marketing mix are easy cakes long consumed, no offense to gurus, professionals and celeb champs. So go for digital customer experiences in partnership with Tech providers, avoiding AI traps of brands

Pandemic systems are going through longer, darker tunnels with no signs of light at the end of unknown

Such Phishing Protection warnings are misleading propaganda and malicious anti-competitive activity of Google and other bribery-driven corporate ***holes worldwide. The site in question was a new local search engine but not alone, thousands of such startups had been buried already..

Free hosting offers on .BIZ .BHARAT domains, now book .CO Domain at incredible price of just ₹199

One of our recent initiate called “Tribute to Lataverse” is a free and open sharing platform of music and songs (especially related to Late Lata Mangeshkar) – play or share without those fancy profiteering apps, DRM tubes and brands.

Prime’s First Law of Data "The more easier an app or tool for user, the more easier data theft becomes"

Thanks to turn-key science are dying; superstition disguised as is returning and celebrities sponsoring and promoting such mis-tech ideas and brands are of Darwin’s grapevine - what hard work?

Business advised to educate employees on how and Apps compromise and other such attacks work

Balkanization & nationalization of the web is literally making its best parts less accessible to many, many common people around the world. Worse and more expensive in the name of our , 24/7 , malicious

Making @Wikipedia machine-readable means corporate controlled hype, censorship & funding editor bias!

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dramatizes something we see happening more and more frequently -- companies giving themselves and their software unjust control over users, often also leaving those users in unsafe situations in order to maximize profit

Get basic pages and secure email on,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. more at

Top 20 gold miners, idea is owning a precious row in a classic spreadsheet for community supremacy!

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