But it must be especially grating to the billions of small business owners and workers watching their dreams get destroyed by imperial orders from reckless digital A/B leaders and flamboyant “growth hacking” ministers. realestatetimes.in/2645

Prime’s First Law of Data "The more easier an app or tool for user, the more easier data theft becomes" wisepoint.org/1402

Vigilante and its mafia wings having access to big-data dashboards watching over heat mapped anomalies in masses inside their hi-tech bunkers. These safe cheats are agents of deep state, they’re being abused worldwide, expect much smarter revenge. wisepoint.org/1244

The credit score is an essential piece of economic , but it’s not the only one. There are other ways of watching us and keeping us in check for upholding some servile discipline within our common herds, so deep state agents can proudly keep shining their tooth made of rare metals.. wisepoint.org/7612

Morally obligated to banishment? क़दम-क़दम बढ़ाए to slip into credit wolves & loan sharks? An arrangement creates a caste system fueled by fear and exclusion... is a corrupt and impersonal machine, not a system that genuinely determines people’s trustworthiness. wisepoint.org/7612

Banks are converted to Legalised Ponzi Schemes selling death financing portfolio, while its politically targeted small business victims are pushed as bait for Bank’s large profiteering capitalists, who in turn fund the deep state in seasonal cycles.. wisepoint.org/1178

Disruptions to camera have good & bad consequences - some are known but many others are hidden in deep space wisepoint.org/7610

Big Picture of Cutting Edge : A field of cow patties with bunch of journalists, populists & competing to see who can throw farthest! wisepoint.org/1721

Big Picture of Cutting Edge Digital Technologies: A field of cow patties with bunch of journalists, populists & cronies competing to see who can throw farthest! wisepoint.org/1721

Instead of exploring technologies to build and develop safe cocoons cum disaster-proof arks, masks, space colonies, VIP bunkers and caves, we must passionately listen to heart beats of our lonely planet and learn to live with it, not outsmart it! wisepoint.org/1921

The addition of polymers typically increases the stiffness of the bitumen and improves its temperature susceptibility, but the addition of fresh / virgin polymers doubles up the bitumen cost and increase the total cost of road construction, so realestatetimes.in/8707

Bhakts of 's new “राक्षस Capitalism Clan" strategically dislikes to smartly eliminate history of social wisdom - brand innovation or branding extremism? wisepoint.org/317

Do profiteering capitalist Governments have any moral rights to regulate even floating deranged Real Estate Digits? realestatetimes.in/8687

PET, HDPE and metal bottle pull closures market analysis / forecast wisepoint.org/7571


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