Armed mercenaries like SS & Nazi for Holocaust of Europeans was sad.. but rest continues to live even worse.. nobody's pain superior or otherwise. Crudeness is not the same as simplicity!

Paytm and RazorPay are upcoming gateway providers with Chinese and West pouring billions in these strategic and economic warfare tools of future. Remember that merchants will always on be edge, as competition is merely a zero sum game working against interests of small businesses, workers and common consumers.

Smart Societies Apps to help few branded monopolies / to enslave revolting enterprises, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with strategically influenced citizens via , making goals of idealogical profiling, trade, religious mobs and uniformity profiteering much smoother..

Your personal data are stored inside Our Economic Forum (OEF). However, due to global nature of our business, your personal data may be transferred to 3rd / 4th / 5th parties outside of OEA. When data is transferred outside of Our Economic Area (OEA), we have spaceX agreements in place which include standard data protection to ensure legal in floating data away from bad and similar elements… 😆

More filtering smartness of 7G सातवाँ asmani .. 3rd Law is reserved for such cats - share or complain whoever, whatever!

Current species are neither god, its or anywhere close.. just motivated caretakers at best. So make your creators assets rationally named / marked as.. PE-001 to 1 Zillion as all our creators were highly rational souls. Fuck profiteering brand name games symbolizing any religion, empire, leader, party, supremacist, irrationality, caste, development, nazism, wealth, uniformity, big tech, conflict and war!

Those geographies supplying raw food, resources, energy and utilities to rest of world are straegically attacked by the 1% crooks ( owning trading / profiteering brands) using all available tools, to manufacture disasters, , empires, genocides and sufferings for the rest of 99% living slaves..

I wish I’d had courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.. wonder if excellence or foolish?

This is an age old war is between West and Russia, sounds like just a dispensable test field for new weapons rehearsal and freedom space for muscle-flexing!!

Ongoing after 15 million+ had perished thanks to bio-drapa, bio-wuhan, bio-genocide wars by nazi strategically located worldwide

The limited remaining boil off will be captured and directly utilized in fuel cells, providing power to the vessel’s propulsion systems, resulting in of water only

Deforestation has its social influence on communities as it certainly leads to a change or shift in their and tradition. The cultural and aspects of indigenous people are seldom preserved amid so-called infrastructure

The deregulation laws that led to the emergence of rotten systems that enables the 1% to go on looting and indebting the poor was orchestrated by our so-called elected representatives cum law makers.

This is an age old war is between West and Russia, sounds like just a dispensable test field for new weapons rehearsal and freedom space for muscle-flexing!!

Pandemic systems are going through longer, darker tunnels with no signs of light at the end of unknown

Free hosting offers on .BIZ .BHARAT domains, now book .CO Domain at incredible price of just ₹199

Economic sanction and financial terrorism are known colonial tools to crush diversity, hail UCC empire?

Win or lose, revolting churn must continue, ideologies & value systems practiced are still potent enough to morally tremble any ruling gang viz well-capitalized democracy companies (re)selling alternative truths with a hyper tech tag !

The goals of bringing back jobs and reverse globalization cannot be done in much more sober, wiser and straighter ways instead of pursuing & cheering for war game simulations?

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