Justice if even so-called Marital Rape can become a punishable law but applicable ONLY for capital-loving men & women pocketing ₹25 lacs+ (each per year) as their social ROI, and lots of leisure time with easy access to high-flying advocates, showoff feminists and cozy red-drug parties.. wisepoint.org/1801

Deliberately imported risk bartering systems from pure loot-winger daddies / banking uncles' MLM wisepoint.org/1985

Why ? Better enjoy pirates and treat them as dressed-up bolly , any link to wood or are just for PR and profits. Most of today’s popular artists and digital storytellers are sliver-spoon fed hunks, miles away legendary & real trunks! wisepoint.org/429

Where does all these money & power comes from? Thank god, no such numbers for charming kings & queens of our world! wisepoint.org/311 twitter.com/jacobin/status/147

But it must be especially grating to the billions of small business owners and workers watching their dreams get destroyed by imperial orders from reckless digital A/B leaders and flamboyant “growth hacking” ministers. realestatetimes.in/2645

Some for journalists, but most other bigots must fall-in-line or beware of uncle's threat? wisepoint.org/438

Prime’s First Law of Data "The more easier an app or tool for user, the more easier data theft becomes" wisepoint.org/1402

Business advised to educate employees on how and Apps compromise and other such attacks work wisepoint.org/1130

Blockchain of humanoids manufactured for absorption into any industry, fueling to 🐒 wisepoint.org/1613

With and its ventures getting malicious, its high time switching back to alternatives like bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, baidu, yandex etc to nib Nazi-like predators. Or even get your own new KoPoly search engine running in the cloud. wisepoint.org/2338

Vigilante and its mafia wings having access to big-data dashboards watching over heat mapped anomalies in masses inside their hi-tech bunkers. These safe cheats are agents of deep state, they’re being abused worldwide, expect much smarter revenge. wisepoint.org/1244

Brilliant marketing moves, greedy politics, just faking alternative truths! for capital gains is just a powerful and sustained system of by elites targeting slaves wisepoint.org/317

Brilliant marketing moves, greedy politics, just faking alternative truths! for capital gains is just a powerful and sustained system of by elites targeting slaves wisepoint.org/317

Thanks to turn-key science are dying; superstition disguised as is returning and celebrities sponsoring and promoting such mis-tech ideas and brands are of Darwin’s grapevine - what hard work? wisepoint.org/140

Sooner we reject big brands, a much better gift of liberty for future kids wisepoint.org/1420

Only solution is to bury polluters inside their safe chemical bunkers, and ask real people to take charge, 24/7/365, 1-2 days of token will never be enough! wisepoint.org/994

And don’t forget, repairing your credit score is not about regaining validity in the eyes of the system and its bhakts: it is about challenging an exclusionary and unjust surveillance machine wisepoint.org/7612

Waiting for aces to unconditionally reform its stinking souls, or wise universe better use its own wisdom to deal? wisepoint.org/7612

Make no mistake, most of these so-called debt dues are state-guaranteed speculation yields for its own elite cronies who in turn feed the yelling goons! wisepoint.org/7612

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