And don’t forget, repairing your credit score is not about regaining validity in the eyes of the system and its bhakts: it is about challenging an exclusionary and unjust surveillance machine

Sooner we reject big brands, a much better gift of liberty for future kids

Blockchain of humanoids manufactured for absorption into any industry, fueling to 🐒

I'm neither your type of those defined nor oblige cleverness of any bank or govt. Your behavior during pandemic was pathetically corrupt, so I’ve no reasons for sympathy either.

Funny profiteering cats push to justify extortion, as if crude universe is corporatised and enslaved to fix contractually!

India is sold, so find of buyers & sellers for compliance formalities or resale funeral.. “With great dynamic relations come great commissions, transparency is boring without omissions!”

Top 20 gold miners, idea is owning a precious row in a classic spreadsheet for community supremacy!

Ideological remains a hurdle for slaves as ignorant love for 75th capitalists are increasing. Happy Sunday 🇮🇳

Raksha jugaad banks & its 3rd party aces are busy 24/7 to suck and extort with a cocktail of threats, manipulation & unilateral legal showoffs resulting in SME closures and losses for small traders / entrepreneurs

True approach: Systems thinking rationally, Systems acting rationally
Hype approach: Systems mutating like viruses, Systems acting like humans

When on a mission to tweak ideas of as leading species, be prepared to bow Israeli-US snooping slavery!

Disruptions to camera have good & bad consequences - some are known but many others are hidden in deep space

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